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Company registration in Poland: start a business in Poland
How to set up a company in Poland?

How to set up a company in Poland?

Depending on the nature of your activity in Poland, the type of structure that best suits your project on the Polish market (liaison or representative office, subsidiary, branch), and the legal form of business in Poland that you will choose (sole proprietorship, limited liability company, etc...), the administrative procedures and formalities for the formation of the company in Poland may vary. Generally, the steps to create and register a company in Poland are:

  • Choice of the legal form under Polish law and the social capital
  • Drafting the company statutes in Polish.
  • Opening a Polish bank account
  • Registering the company in the Polish trade register
  • Obtaining a Polish tax identification number

After these steps of creation, you will receive all the necessary legal documents attesting the legal existence of your company or subsidiary in Poland. Your Poland business will also have to meet the specific accounting requirements of Polish business law.

Poland: Merger & Acquisition (M&A)

Setting up your business in Poland and starting from scratch to develop it in the Polish market can be an exciting challenge, but it can also be time consuming. Sometimes it is more interesting and faster to acquire a Polish competitor that is already well established in the Polish market. It is therefore necessary to study the Polish market carefully to detect the most interesting companies.

To create a company in Poland, it is strongly advised to be accompanied by a Polish lawyer or an Polish expert who will be able to save you many problems in front of the subtleties of the Polish business law. 

nativExpand is your gateway to facilitate the creation of your company in Poland. Thanks to a network of experts in company incorporation on the Polish market, we will accompany you and put you in contact with a Polish professional, ideally an English speaker or speaking your language.

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Company formation in Poland
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Setting up a subsidiary or branch in Poland requires several steps: analysis of the economic model of the project for the Polish market, the choice of the legal structure in Poland, the registration of the company in the Polish trade register, the opening of a Polish bank account and the tax and accounting formalities in Poland with the specificities of the Polish law.

Before being able to domicile your company in Poland, you must first set up a company in Poland with a legal entity under Polish law.

To be accompanied by professionals (a Polish lawyer) is essential to succeed in setting up in Poland and to develop your subsidiary on the Polish market. nativExpand connects you with a Polish expert from its international network.