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Why SEO in Spain?

Why SEO in Spain?

Despite a major economic crisis that the country went through during the 2010s, Spain remains the fourth largest economy in the European Union, and therefore represents a very interesting potential for the international development of your company.

With almost 47 million residents, the Spanish market is very dynamic. The growth of e-commerce in Spain is around 11% per year with almost 26% of the Spanish population making an online purchase per week.

Being present in Spanish search engines, obviously dominated by, is an incredible opportunity to develop your website's international activity.

While Spain may seem a more accessible, and therefore less competitive, market than the US or the UK, make no mistake: you will need to adapt your strategy to better suit the practices and culture of Spanish consumers.

If you want to:

  • Optimize the visibility of your site on the Spanish web
  • Expand your Spanish customer base and increase your sales in Spain
  • Develop your brand image in the Spanish market.

but also,

  • better understand your competitive environment in Spain
  • develop qualified Spanish traffic
  • better understand how a Spanish consumer finds your products on the web
  • become the reference in Spain in your sector


So start investing in your SEO for the Spanish market. For this strategy to produce the most results, keep in mind that it will take time, money and resources.

SEO strategy in Spain

If you hope to get good visibility for your pages in the Spanish market, the best solution is to provide Spanish internet users with quality content written in Spanish.

Keyword research in Spanish

You may have already translated your site into Spanish, and that's fine. This is a first step in optimizing your web visibility in Spain. But it is often not enough to hope to gain the first positions of

You need to offer content written in Spanish that is based on the use of keywords specific to the Spanish language and that must resonate with a Spanish consumer. Thus, you must adapt your content and vocabulary to the Spanish culture (idiomatic expressions, cultural references, etc.).

Beyond a simple translation, determine which words the Spanish use most to find your products. Find out what questions your Spanish audience is asking (they may be different from those of your original audience).

SEO competition analysis in Spain

Knowing your competitors in the Spanish market is a very valuable source of information. In SEO, the notion of competitors can be different as they are sites that compete on the same query.

You need to analyze all the Spanish sites that rank in the first results for the keywords you are targeting to understand how your Spanish competitors' customers (and therefore your potential customers) find them on

This way, you will be able to implement a precise strategy to get a place next to them or even outrank them.

Netlinking strategy in Spain

In order to reach the top positions of Google in Spain, it may be necessary to implement a linkbuilding strategy in the Spanish market. If you operate in a very competitive sector with many Spanish players already having a significant web presence in Spain, getting links from Spanish sites will be crucial to building local authority.

Successfully obtaining Spanish backlinks from high profile sites such as national media (,,...) or regional media (,...) will have a very important impact on your SEO in Spain as they will provide you with very strong credibility.

nativExpand, your SEO consultant in Spain

Thanks to the international SEO services of nativExpand, you will benefit from many advantages for the optimisation of your visibility on the Spanish market:


  • An SEO expert on the Spanish web, the central point of your web development.
  • A network of professional native Spanish translators trained in SEO
  • Analysis of your Spanish audience and traffic data
  • Development of your authority and brand image in Spain.
  • Analysis of your Spanish competitors in your sector in Spanish search engines.
  • Use of the best SEO tools on the market, commercial Google Analytics, Search Console, Semrush, Ahrefs, Screaming frog, ...) but also some in-house tools
  • More than 10 years of experience in web development (python, PHP, Postgresql database, data analysis and automation,...) and international SEO.


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Translating your website into Spanish, Catalan is a good start to enter the Spanish market, but often, getting strong SEO performance in Spain will require a bigger investment (specificity of the Spanish market: keyword research, competition,...)

The choice of whether or not to use a .es domain name for the Spanish market has little impact on SEO in Spain. With a .es domain you give a more local image but this often involves a higher investment.

It is first essential to know the relevant keywords in the Spanish market, and to have identified the pages and Spanish user queries for which it is important to optimise SEO visibility.