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to help SMEs & startups develop their online business in new markets

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Languages + Data + Digital Marketing

Languages + Data + Digital Marketing

nativExpand combines technology, webmarketing and local culture to offer services that will help you grow and perform in new markets.

We offer data-driven international digital marketing & language services to help SMEs & startups develop their online business in new markets

Analyse your data and audit your website to take the right decisions 

Use marketing localisation and translation to communicate easily with your new audience in their language & culture

Get more visibility with localised SEO and multilingual digital marketing to get new customers

International SEO

Improve your local visibility on local search engines to get new customers

Advanced technical SEO

Multilingual Keyword Research

Content Optimisation & Creation

Linkbuilding and Digital PR Support

Data Analysis

Translate your data into actionable insights at a market level

Google Search Console

Google Analytics

Proprietary technology

Language Services

Speak the language of your customers, adapt your message to their culture

Localised & multilingual digital content

Marketing Localisation

Transcreation & Copywriting

Global Market Insights

Get to know your customer and market

Local audience knowledge

Local landscape and competition

New markets identification

“The main obstacles to the development of international trade in the European Union are language and culture“

Eurostat, statistical office of the European Commission.


of online consumers will not buy from websites in other languages. And 30% never buy at English-language sites.


of online consumers either boycott English-language sites, or spend more time on sites in their own language.


of online consumers want product information in their native language.


of B2B businesses would pay up to 30% more for a localized solution.

Source : “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy 2020″ – CSA Research

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