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Boost the visibility of your site on the Croatian market: backlinks, keyword analysis, competition audits

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Croatia SEO services: Optimize your visibility on the  Croatian market
Croatia SEO strategy

Croatia SEO strategy

Do you want to launch your site on the Croatian market and be visible in Google Croatia search results in order to get qualified Croatian traffic?

The first step is to understand how a Croatian customer can find you.

We will then have to create and optimize your pages and contents in Croatian in order to answer your potential Croatian customer in his language with the right keywords.

An Internet Croatian user uses the Google Croatia search engine with the domain name The results are often completely different from your domestic market.

The analysis of the competition in the Croatian market is essential to rank your website in the search results.

Croatia netlinking campaign

Build your authority on the Croatian web

For Croatia SEO, a netlinking strategy in Croatian is just as important as in your home market.

=> A backlink from a Croatian site to yours will have more impact than a non-localized link.

A Croatia backlink campaign can consist for example in writing an article in Croatian and placing it on a Croatian website of high authority (which gives trust) and in the same domain of expertise as your activity. By multiplying this approach, you should increase the authority of your website in the Croatian market and gain highly qualified Croatian traffic. It is important to focus on the quality of backlinks rather than the quantity.

The international SEO agency nativExpand will be your unique contact. Our services will allow you to implement your SEO strategy on the Croatian market thanks to a network of professional SEO translators speaking Croatian.

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Croatia SEO services

Let us know about your international project and we'll provide you with a personnalized SEO pre-audit of your webite as a first step to optimize your visibility in new markets.

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Translating your website into Croatian is a good start to enter the Croatian market, but often, getting strong SEO performance in Croatia will require a bigger investment (specificity of the Croatian market: keyword research, competition,...)

The choice of whether or not to use a .hr domain name for the Croatian market has little impact on SEO in Croatia. With a .hr domain you give a more local image but this often involves a higher investment.

It is first essential to know the relevant keywords in the Croatian market, and to have identified the pages and Croatian user queries for which it is important to optimise SEO visibility.