Export to Hungary and international business opportunities in the Hungarian market

I expand my business in Hungary
Export to Hungary and international business opportunities in the Hungarian market
  • Budapest
  • 9,729,823
  • Hungarian Forint (HUF)
  • $14,364

With 9,729,823 of inhabitants, the Hungarian market offers many opportunities to develop your business.

Whether you want to set up in Budapest or in other cities in the country, it is often necessary to use Hungary-specialised international support to save time and money.

Thanks to its network of Hungary export experts, nativExpand helps you to set up and export on the Hungarian market.

Hungary: Develop your brand and your visibility

Expand in Hungary with digital marketing

An optimised digital strategy in Hungary is an incredible opportunity to develop sucessfully your brand and sales on the Hungarian market: optimize your visibility on the Hungarian web with SEO and paid search strategies, develop your brand reputation in Hungary with Medias Relations, talk with your Hungarian audience thanks to Community Management, etc.

  • SEO Hungary
  • PPC campaigns in Hungary and Hungarian market Social Media advertising
  • Public Relations and Media Relations on the Hungarian market
  • Social Media and Community Management in Hungary
Localise and translate your content for the Hungarian market

40% of online Hungary customers won't buy on a website if it's not in Hungarian. Speak Hungarian in order to be understood by a Hungarian customer. On the Hungarian market, you will have to translate your website, content, media materials, press release, and all your communication media into Hungarian.

  • Translate your website in Hungarian
  • Transcreation and copywriting in Hungarian

Explore Hungarian market opportunities and build strong partnerships in Hungary

Hungarian market study and commercial development in Hungary

To start up in Hungary, you need to develop a good knowledge of the Hungarian market and of the local players in your industry (customers, products, competitors, partners, distributors,...)

  • Hungary market study and Hungarian market entry strategy
  • Commercial development in the Hungarian market
  • Hungary business partnerships sourcing and product sourcing

Set up your business in Hungary and manage its development

Set up your business in the Hungarian market

Establishing a long-term presence in Hungary often requires the creation of a company or subsidiary under Hungarian law and the recruitment of Hungarian staff. It is strongly advised to be accompanied by Hungarian lawyers or Hungarian market experts in order to maximise your chances of success in Hungary.

  • Creation and management of subsidiaries in Hungary
  • Hiring in Hungary, development and management of a Hungarian team
  • Financing your development in Hungary
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Export to Hungary and international business opportunities in the Hungarian market
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